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Services can be done onsite or virtual:

Home Organizing

  • Personalized and hands-on home organizing to match your needs and lifestyle.
  • Empower kids to organize their room and learn life-long organizing habits.  Recommended age is 9 and up.
  • Get your home ready to host an event or Airbnb.

Office and Paperwork
  • We help you declutter and arrange your office according to your personality so you can work efficiently.  The final goal is to have your office space work for you, not the other way around.
  • Paperwork, if not managed properly, can accumulate really quickly and, before you know it, you are "buried" in it.  We will help you purge and give you guidance on how to manage your paperwork so you can keep it under control for a long time.

Productivity Coaching and Time Management
  • We will provide you a process to increase your productivity and manage your time so you can get more done and reduce stress.  We will help reduce the "hamster on a wheel" effect.
Digital Organizing
  • We will teach you how to organize your digital paperwork and help you create a command center
Moving Preparations
  • We help you organize your move and pack your things in an efficient manner so nothing is lost or broken when you unpack.  A moving binder will be provided to help you plan your move. Click here to buy a moving binder

Move-In Organizing
  • We help you unpack and organize your belongings.

Looking for A Speaker?

We would be delighted to speak about all kinds of organizing topics, whether at a workplace, classroom, or at an association meeting.   Topic and contents can be customized to your needs.
Popular topics include:
      • The Misconceptions of Organizing
      • Introduction to Home Organizing
      • How to Organize with Kids
      • Empower Your Teens to Organize
      • Time Management Secrets
      • The Benefits of Minimalism

Onsite Process & Pricing
Virtual Organizing