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By: Zen Life Organizing | July 02, 2018

The American tradition for a happy couple about to get married is to pick out nice sets of cutlery and dishes from the store to add to the gift registry so their friends and family can easily purchase these items as gifts for their wedding.

The married couple is so eager to receive them...and then safely store them away only to be used for entertaining or special event. They end up purchasing a cheaper set of dishes and cutlery for everyday use.

In the past decades, entertaining has become more relaxed and casual, so these beautiful China sets are not needed. The sets are held on and then pass down to their children, which will not be used because they have their set that they like better. The guilt will make it difficult for them to let go, ...

By: Zen Life Organizing | November 23, 2016

With our busy lives, we often do not have time to be mindful when it comes to getting a gift for our loved ones.  We often resort to materialist gifts that add clutter to our lives.  It’s easy to accumulate clutter during the holidays because material gifts are easy to find anywhere in the store. Oftentimes the more memorable ones are non-materialistic and easily overlooked.  Here are the list of gifts that are clutter-free and will provide a lasting memory for the receiver.

Gift of Consumables

  • Buy groceries for a friend in need.  He/she will remember having a great meal for the holidays because of you.

  • Take a friend or loved one out to dinner to unwind.

  • Make a special dish or dinner that he/she likes.

  • Give a plant to a friend that likes to gard...