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By: Zen Life Organizing | May 02, 2018

First of all, I would like to address a stigma a lot of people have about minimalism.  Being a minimalist doesn’t mean you need to live out of a backpack and get rid of all your possessions.

Minimalism is about freedom. It is about finding a balance in life, and having your stuff work for you and not the other way around. It is about trimming all the excess that take up space in your life and your mind.

Minimalism is a way of life and it is different for every person.  It is intentionally living your life.

I consider myself a minimalist. I currently live in a 1200sqft, 4 bedroom, and 2 bath home in Silicon Valley. I have 4 kids, an awesome husband, a successful business and volunteer and run programs in my kids' school. All of this is possible because we live intentionally. My priorities are aligned with my values. As a result, we choose to live in a very simple home. We just own what we need. Essentially when I open my door, I feel peaceful and free.

Life is changing and it is changing fast, so we get rid of the items that become obsolete and mindfully purchase any new items. I’m sure that when the time comes for our kids to go to college and start their new independent life, this home that I absolutely love will not be aligned with our most important value. Then by releasing our home,  we will gain more financial freedom. Instead of staring at 3 empty bedrooms, we would rather travel and visit our kids.

There are so many benefits of minimalism. Other than reclaiming your time, and getting you to financial freedom, it relieves stress and helps you live a purposeful life.



Posted on : June 13, 2018


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