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By: Zen Life Organizing | September 21, 2018

I’m not a quitter. I will go through this and everything is going to be ok!

Anybody relates to this?

When enough is enough?

Recently I was in a situation, stuck working with an inefficient group of people. I didn’t feel appreciated, had to make lots of compromises and guilt myself into sticking with it. Guess what happen?

I was so impacted by it that a lot of the things I considered important and enjoyable were ranked 2nd place, including my creativity. I was stuck, not able to write, and made decisions unrelated to the project.

I finally reached my breaking point when the next compromise was my authenticity.  It was time to take a step back and analyze the situation.

Is this project still important and align with my main goal? How much more time do I want to commit to it? How much more am I willing to compromise? How does this impact my life?

Well, my answer to this questions really made me realize that I was done and needed to let go.  Once I let go, it felt like a EUREKA moment. I felt free! Suddenly I could write again, think again and simply be in the moment.

Changing my mindset from not being a quitter, to being someone able to let go, was really helpful and healing.

So please don’t get yourself stuck in such a situation because you don’t want to be a quitter.  Change your mindset and be a person that can be generous with yourself and be able to let go. Once you make the decision that letting go is the right thing for you, you will feel free!


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