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By: Zen Life Organizing | November 23, 2016

With our busy lives, we often do not have time to be mindful when it comes to getting a gift for our loved ones.  We often resort to materialist gifts that add clutter to our lives.  It’s easy to accumulate clutter during the holidays because material gifts are easy to find anywhere in the store. Oftentimes the more memorable ones are non-materialistic and easily overlooked.  Here are the list of gifts that are clutter-free and will provide a lasting memory for the receiver.

Gift of Consumables

  • Buy groceries for a friend in need.  He/she will remember having a great meal for the holidays because of you.

  • Take a friend or loved one out to dinner to unwind.

  • Make a special dish or dinner that he/she likes.

  • Give a plant to a friend that likes to garden or to freshen up the home.  Natural air-purifying plants are great for the home.

Gift of Experience

  • Gift certificates for classes such as ballet, art, music, gymnastic, and so on. This is the type of gift the kids and their parents will be thankful for because it is a gift that the kids will enjoy for a long time and it helps offset the cost of the classes.

  • Give tickets to an event.  This is a gift where you can even go enjoy the event with your loved one.  This gift can be inexpensive such as a movie ticket or really expensive and hard to find Hamilton tickets.  

  • Season passes are good mindful gifts.  Who would not enjoy season passes to see their favorite sports teams play or to their favorite theme park or museum?

  • Gift certificate to the spa or salon for a few hours or a day of pampering.  Who would not like that?  

  • A home organizing gift certificate for a friend that is overwhelmed with clutter in their home.  This gift not only provides a life changing experience but also a really long lasting effect.

Gift of Anything Digital

  • Digital subscriptions are clutter-free and can be tailored to a friend’s specific interest.  Kids will like video game subscriptions, as well as other fun games

  • Kindle books.  Who doesn’t have a kindle these days?

  • A google or itunes gift certificate would be great for the receiver to download apps or songs on their electronic device.

Gift of Free Will

  • Store gift certificates are great because if gives the receiver the free will to buy anything he/she wants in the store.  It also takes the guesswork and pressure out of having to find the perfect gift from a particular store.

  • Gift certificates to their favorite coffee shop or restaurant.  

  • Money either cash or in the form of a visa gift card is great.  Your loved ones will appreciate this because he/she will be able to spend it anyway he/she likes.



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