Zen Life Organizing

By: Zen Life Organizing | February 26, 2016

Spring is almost here but it’s never too early to start organizing your garage.  With the warm California weather you can do “spring cleaning” anytime of the year, so why not start now.  

Organizing the garage is a big job, especially when there are a lot of stuff in there.  It is best to hire professional organizers to do the job.  It can get overwhelming.  However, if you are determined to do it yourself, we suggest asking a friend or two to help you with this project. Get it done in one or two days, best is over the weekend.  

Before you start, look for a staging area for you to put your stuff.  The best staging area for this project is the driveway.  Also, you may want to gather these items to help you along the way: labels, marker, trash...