Zen Life Organizing

About Pamela

I have been organizing since I was a child, throughout my career, and for friends and family for as long as I can remember. I have committed myself to starting and growing my business, learning as much as I can about the industry and being an organizer.

My goal is not to make other people organize the way I do. My goal is to help other people achieve their organizing goals while creating a space that they will love and enjoy.

I collaborate with my clients to reclaim their spaces so they can fall back in love with them. Organizing and coaching provide me with a meaningful and creative outlet to share skills and information that empower individuals to bring positive change in their lives.

About Lien

I was a process engineer for more than 15 years before I became a professional organizer. My profession was to help manufacturing companies improve their assembly processes. Although I was good at my profession, I often failed at home when it came to keeping my house uncluttered and organized. With 5 kids and a pack-rat husband, it was hard to keep up the daily challenges of organizing and uncluttering. I often felt burned out and frustrated at my kids and husband for my messy living space. This all changed when I quit my job and started to apply my process engineering skills to keeping my house clutter free.

I found a method to streamline the organizing process that allowed me to not only enjoy organizing and uncluttering my living space, I also became a minimalist. I believe that you do not need a lot of things when you keep only what you love. Surrounding yourself with the things you love and keeping them organized will help you unclutter your space. Uncluttering your space will ultimately unclutter your mind. You think better when your space is organized and only filled with what you love.

I believe in this method, and would like to teach it to anyone that is overwhelmed, frustrated, or stressed out by their cluttered home. I believe that you can be empowered to improve your living space.