Zen Life Organizing

I am a minimalist. I absolutely love the clutter-free, stress-free life that this provides me. The way I see it is: being a minimalist clears space (physical, mental and emotional) for the things that actually matter to me. 

I didn’t become a minimalist overnight; our many moves and travels across the world helped me with releasing stuff that were getting in the way of new adventures and priorities. Our first move from France to Michigan in 2003 was the most difficult. We had so much stuff. It took me 8 weeks to decide what to do with the stuff. One year later, we moved to Singapore, it was easier but we still had tons of stuff. In addition to moving, we had a baby and a toddler and I was studying to get my college degree. 

Traveling in Asia was really transformative. It became really clear that stuff didn’t make me happy and often quite the opposite. Every move after this one was easier and easier and today we could probably move with less than 1 week notice. 

I have 4 kids, an awesome husband, a successful business and still have time to volunteer at my children's school, and lead some programs like Art Vista and Project Cornerstone (community that help shift mindset from simply reacting to children and youth as problems to connecting with them so they can thrive). 

My secret is to have my stuff work for me and not work for my stuff.  I love coaching my clients to reclaim their space and bring positive changes in their life.  I believe that with mindfulness comes happiness.


I was a process engineer for more than 15 years before I became a professional organizer. My profession was to help manufacturing companies improve their assembly processes. Although I was good at my profession, I often failed at home when it came to keeping my house clutter-free and organized. With 5 kids and a pack-rat husband, it was hard to keep up the daily challenges of organizing and decluttering. I often felt burned out and frustrated at my kids and husband for my messy living space. 

This all changed when I quit my job and started to apply my process engineering skills to keeping my house clutter-free and organized.
I found a method to streamline the organizing process that allowed me to become a minimalist and maintain an organized home. Cleaning up is easy and stress-free.  This allows me to run a successful business and volunteer at my kids' school. 

I love seeing my client develop good organizing habits so their reclaimed space can easily be maintained after our coaching session. I believe that you can be empowered to improve your living space.