Zen Life Organizing

Reclaim your space!



Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the clutter in your home?

Are you constantly looking for things? Do you have duplicates of things because you can’t find them?

Is your garage so full, you don't like going in there? Do you even know what you have in your garage?

Did you just move and need help organizing your belongings?

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Are you moving and need help packing?

Are you planning to sell your house and need help making it presentable?

We can help you!

We provide hands-on, one-on-one guidance for organizing your home

We are a two-person team

We provide efficient and non-judgmental service to help you complete your projects at a shorter time frame

You get double the work done in half the time

We believe you can be empowered to take back your living space

You will feel invigorated when your space is uncluttered and organized


*There is a $50 consultation charge for clients that do not reside within 20mile radius of zip code 95118. However, this fee will be credited towards an organizing session.