Zen Life Organizing

Take the first step towards an organize life

Do you feel overwhelmed or frustrated by the clutter in your home?

Are you constantly looking for things? Do you have duplicates of things because you can’t find them?

Is your garage so full, you don't like going in there? Do you even know what you have in your garage?

Did you just move and need help organizing your belongings?

Are you moving and need help packing?

Are you planning to sell your house and need help making it presentable?

We are here to help

We provide hands-on, one-on-one guidance for organizing your home or office

We are a two-person team

We provide efficient and non-judgmental service to help you complete your projects at a shorter time frame so you can spend your valuable time on more important things

You get double the work done in half the time

We will help you take the items to donation and give you the tax receipt

You will feel invigorated when your space is uncluttered and organized



Thank you Lien and Pam!
It feels awesome to go to garage :-) ...I still need to shop for the carpet and some accent pieces...other than that i think its pretty much set....we r truly thankful to you both!  I must say our garage space has become one of the best space in my home... - Mini S. , Mar. 2018

These women are a life-saver! I have used them for two different projects. They are super non-judgmental and helpful with clutter, and they get work done very quickly. My house is now completely purged and functional. It has been a long time since my initial session, and my home is still in the same condition as when they left! I enjoy coming home now instead of dreading a messy house. We've been able to invite people over and host events now that our clutter is under control, and we've been able to take fun trips with supplies that got lost in the mess before. So not only is our home clean, but we're able to use what we own well, and we enjoy opportunities to spend time together rather than trying to clean constantly. I highly recommend Lien and Pamela! - Sara B., Feb. 2017

Very satisfied with their quality of work. They came in and started organizing my closet and dresser. They helped me decide what stays and go. My room looks 100% better. I would definitely recommend their services 😃 - Laura J., Sept. 2016

They are amazing.  I needed help unpacking and organizing from moving.  They worked the whole time came prepared were quick organized my master, kitchen, my daughters room and took away as many boxes as they could to leave my garage clean. I am contemplating on having them come back to purge things I maybe holding on too.  I highly recommend them if you need the help. Olivia H., May 2016